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5 Blum 65kg Rated Soft Close Tandembox Inner Drawers installed in Floreat by Easy Access Kitchens
Buffet Unit Inner Drawers fitted by Easy Access Kitchens - Kitchen Drawers Perth - Pantry Drawers Perth
Kitchen Drawers Perth - Pantry Drawers Perth - Drawers Fitted To Existing Buffet Unit in Main Living Area.
Do you have a large built in entertainment unit or buffet unit that could be better with inner drawers?
Call Brett Gaffin on 0416067493 to make a time for an appointment and chat about the best inner drawer options for your home and budget. Easy Access Kitchens - The kitchen and pantry drawer specialists.
Kitchen and Pantry Drawers by Easy Access Kitchens
Sam Council's Mums kitchen in Yanchep, WA. 2018
Chris F. Aurora Building, Burswood. 2016
Denise Clements, Burswood,WA. 2016
Internal Drawers by Easy Access Kitchens are a great option for your pantry storage problems.
Janine & Doug's Pantry Inner Drawers have turned a hard to get to pantry into an easy access pantry. Bentley WA. 2015
Dark narrow pantries are perfect for Blum Soft Close Inner Drawers supplied and installed by Brett - Easy Access Kitchens.
Jen Treasure's Pantry Inner Drawers at Leighton Beach Apartments, North Fremantle, Western Australia.
Blum Pantry storage solution.
Janet and Len Wheeler, Bentley.
We added a shelf and relocated the existing pull out wire ware storage baskets. Then added one inner drawer to take the heavy everyday food items.
Below are the 4 inner drawers we installed for their plates etc.
Blum Tandembox Softclose Inner Drawers fitted by Easy Access Kitchens in Jandakot, Atwell, Aubin Grove, Glen Iris, Yangebup, Belliar, Hamond Park, Baldivis, Attadale, Ardross, Cottesloe, Thornlie, Rockingham, Fremantle, North Fremantle, Western Australia.
Mrs Swift's Under Bench Inner Drawers, Jandakot, Western Australia
5 Blum Tandembox softclose internal drawers installed by Easy Access Kitchens - The Inner Drawer Specialists, Perth, Western Australia Call 0416067493
Clayton Swift's Pantry Inner Drawers, St. Quetins Appartments, Claremont, WA
Blum inner drawers are perfect for almost doubling your usable storage space. Supplied and Installed by Brett at Easy Access Kitchens
Thanks Christine for your Testimonial It was a pleasure helping your improve the storage in your two appartments at Claremont and North Fremantle.
Sige Infinity Plus pull out corner storage unit supplied and installed by easy access kitchens, Perth Western Australia
Pull Out Storage Units now at Easy Access Kitchens
Pantry Inner Drawers
Blum Antaro 65kg Inner Drawers
4 Inner Drawers turns this compact pantry into an easy access pantry. Wandi, WA 2015
Corner built in pantry with pantry drawers by Easy Access Kitchens
Walk in corner pantry drawers by Easy Access Kitchens
3 x Corner Pantry Drawers fitted to a walk in pantry.
Kitchen Drawer Installation - Kitchen & Pantry Drawers Perth - Easy Access Kitchens, pull out pantry storage.

"Do you want Kitchen Drawers and Pantry Drawers for Easy Access to your hard to reach items in your kitchen cabinets and pantry cupboard?"   

Easy Access Kitchens & Pantry Drawers.

- Would you like help to reorganize your pantry and kitchen cabinets?

- Save money by keeping your existing kitchen & pantry doors?

- Or reface your whole kitchen, fitting new drawers & changing your         existing cabinet doors to drawers?                        CALL 0416067493

Brett from Easy Access Kitchens will help you organize your kitchen & only wants to supply the kitchen drawers & pantry drawers you need....

You are viewing this page because you live in Western Australia and want help finding the best easy access pantry drawer and kitchen drawer solution for your pantry and kitchen cabinets.

Easy Access Kitchens is a local Western Australian owned and operated kitchen and pantry drawer business specialising in making your kitchen cabinets and pantry easy to access.

The owner and operator Brett Gaffin can supply and install to your existing kitchen cabinets, pantry drawers, kitchen drawers, pull out pantry shelves and corner storage solutions.

He will help you to maximize your kitchen storage and pantry storage, making your everyday items easy to access. It is important to Brett that your are not paying for kitchen storage solutions that you don't need and will happily offer advice and help you with the best pantry and kitchen storage options, pull out shelving, kitchen and pantry drawers for you and your budget.

Your corner cabinets can be easy to access by installing 3/4 Carousel Units, pull out corner units or maybe even simple plastic tubs. Other wire ware solutions are available. Easy Access Kitchens only use Blum Tandembox 65kg rated soft close drawers as a standard kitchen and pantry inner drawer because your safety is important.

Brett can help you to reorganize your kitchen layout and listen to how you use your kitchen. It is important to Easy Access Kitchens that you only put in the kitchen and pantry drawers that you need. Brett will do his best to fit the largest possible kitchen drawers and pantry drawers.

You can always add more later if required. He will help you put everything away and test your new drawers before leaving your home. Quite often our customers are finding it very difficult to reach into their kitchen cabinets and pantry and just need someone to help and do the right thing for them.
If you need help to have easy access to your pantry or kitchen cabinets please call Brett Gaffin... Your kitchen and pantry drawer specialist on 0416067493.
Call Western Australia's leading kitchen and pantry drawer supplier so you can have an easy access kitchen.
If you think this is a great idea for your kitchen but you still need a bit more convincing that kitchen & pantry drawers are the right solution for your kitchen storage problems. Maybe the feedback from our customers might help you decide that Easy Access Kitchens, the kitchen and pantry inner drawer specialists are just who you need to organize your kitchen and supply the best kitchen storage solution and pantry storage solution that is right for your home.

Below are just some of our testimonials from real people who we would like to thank very much for letting Easy Access Kitchens into their home to help organize their kitchen and pantry space.


The following testimonials have been received by Easy Access Kitchens, the Kitchen Drawer and Pantry Drawer Specialist with the utmost gratitude. It is an awesome feeling to know we have made a positive change to our customers lives. Just by fitting a few inner drawers and storage solutions to there kitchen & pantry making things easy to access. If your a home owner or renting. In a house or apartment.
You still can have a easy to access home with removable kitchen drawers and pantry drawers.
Please continue reading:

"You were very accommodating for my requests and easy to  get along with."

Hi Brett
Love the inner drawers and the shelves it has created for my trays etc.
When I eventually move on from here, the next person, will reap the benefits of not having to struggle to get inside the cupboards.
Great job. You were very accommodating for my requests and easy to  get along with. 
Thank you Brett. All the best.
Kind regards
Christine,Rossmoyne, Western Australia, June 2019
"Thanks Brett, Mum is over the moon..."​                                            
I have been telling mum all year about how you fitted drawers to my pantry and your knack of organizing kitchens and pantries for easy access. She finally got you around to calling you and the difference you made to her kitchen is amazing, Mum is over the moon with how you considered how she used her kitchen, what she needed to access all the time and how you helped them to reorganize their kitchen and pantry, putting everything away in the process. Fantasic customer service.
Thank you Brett
Sam Council,Yanchep, Western Australia. 2018

"I would highly recommend Easy Access Kitchens..."                                            
I would highly recommend Easy Access Kitchens for their quality work and professional service.
Problem: The pantry shelves were very deep and it made access to any items difficult.
Solution: I now have slide-out shelves (pantry drawers) to enable me to organize and access all my access items easily.
Thanks Brett
Chris, Aurora Building - Burswood, Western Australia. 2016

"I wish I had known about you earlier!" 
Thanks Brett, I wish I had known about you earlier! Life would have been so much easier!
Now I can actually find things and I can slide my coffee machine away out of sight! I love them and the workmanship was second to none! What a pleasure!!

Denise Clements, Burswood, Western Australia. 2016

"Being The Possessor Of New Drawers ..."                                                            

Hi Brett and Kim,
Being the possessor of new inner drawers to keep all our kitchenware, dinnerware and pantry items within reach (without the need to kneel on the floor to get to pieces at the back of cupboards) is wonderful!  Everything is now easy to access with no more worries about out of date products or not being able to find that special serving dish, plate or bowl!  It has transformed my kitchen and how I view it. Having the problem cupboards assessed and discussed to find the best solution, measured and then the drawers fitted on time without any mess or fuss and as per the quote, made the experience a pleasure.  It was a delight to find someone who was both businesslike and friendly, with really sensible suggestions for the positioning of each new inner drawer in my cupboards for maximum benefits for me, the user. 

The drawers are made to a very high standard with quality, durability, presentation and customer satisfaction in mind.  The practicality, finish, heavy-duty quality and ease of use of the new pantry and plate drawers has transformed my kitchen area and the ease with which the varied, necessary items are located and accessed. 

Doug and I have no hesitation in recommending Brett from Easy Access Kitchens to anyone looking for kitchen storage solutions.

Again, thank you for a great “fix” for our kitchen.

Janine and Doug,
Bentley,Western Australia.2015                                                                      

"I am absolutely loving the amazing drawers you installed into my pantry..."

Hi Brett and Kim,

"I am absolutely loving the amazing drawers you installed into my pantry."
This gorgeous apartment that supposedly has everything only came with what one could describe as a black abyss for a pantry, it was unusable space, everything that went in could never be found again.
Through a recommendation from a neighbour, you have managed to change this void into a completely usable area that achieves more than most pantries, I just love it. I can find everything and I can fit so much more in!

It was worth every cent, your attention to detail is of the old school, your finishes were top quality, I am just loving it ... can you tell?
Thanks gain, can't wait to have the new wine storage cupboard installed! Good luck guys..
Jen Treasure
Leighton Beach Apartments, North Fremantle, WA. 2012

 "I no longer have to get down on my knees to see what's in my cupboards, my kitchen is so organized"

"Our First Dealings with Brett and Kim..."                                                               

"Our first dealings with Brett and Kim from Easy Access Kitchens. The inner drawer specialists was back in 2013 when we downsized from a large South Perth home to a Retirement Village.
Brett was very helpful in advising on what sort of floor covering would be best for our kitchen, living and hall way and did a most professional job in installing it. Brett’s advice on window treatments and his installation work was also tip top.

After living in our new villa for 3 years, we decided more efficient storage space was needed in our kitchen. We had in our minds what we wanted and thought it was ideal. Because of our past experience we called on Brett again to discuss our needs. After a long discussion he presented us with a better, cheaper solution by converting an existing double kitchen cupboard to 4 soft close inner drawers.  He also improved on the existing pantry storage by simply repositioning existing slide out shelves and adding a slide out inner drawer.
It is amazing the difference these changes have made in our kitchen.  We can now see what is at the back of those deep dark cupboards and no more getting down on hands and knees to try and find “that” special dish you want. Brett is a friendly, efficient, tidy tradesman. A perfectionist to fault and is not happy till you have a smile on your face & saying “FANTASTIC”.

'Thank you for your testimonial Mr and Mrs Wheeler from Bentley. We are always here to help."

"We listen to the pantry and kitchen storage problems our clients have...and only sell them what they need."

"We Would Like To Thank You For The Wonderful Work..."                                 

Dear Brett and Kim,

We would like to thank you for the wonderful work you done in making and installing the Inner Drawers for our kitchen cupboards, I can now see what I have at a glance instead of having to juggle things around to see what I have . My new easy access kitchen makes life so much easier, I no longer have to get down on my knees to see what I had in the bottom cupboards because of the drawers you installed , they are so easy to pull out and push back in again,so quiet and easy.The workmanship is 1st class and I will recommend your work to all my friends, you also arrived on time and done the work in the time you stated.
Thank you once again, 2 very happy customers,
Helen and Ray Swift. Glen Iris, Jandakot, WA. 2011 (Thank you for you testimonial)

If you would like Easy Access Kitchens to help with your Inner Drawers Call Brett on 0416067493

"On Return From Her Overseas Trip..."                                                                  

Hi Brett,

On returning from her overseas trip to visit family, my wife was happy to see the modifications you made to our deep and narrow pantry.  Adding the five Blum Tandem Box Inner Drawers has made our pantry much more efficient and organised, openning up the space at the back, which was not practical to access previously.  Thanks for a great job.

Clayton Swift, Claremont WA, 2013  (Thank you Clayton for your testimonial) 

If you want Inner Drawers Fitted by the Inner Drawer Specialists at Easy Access Kitchens call 0416067493 
"You Would Think Spending Over $2M..."                                                              

You would think spending over $2M on a brand new apartment would guarantee a really good functioning kitchen, wouldn't you?

I did too but was extremely disappointed to find out that architects are definitely not kitchen designers especially when their design have not been put in front of a woman for her comments. Thank heavens for companies like Easy Access Kitchens and people like Brett! With lots of ideas as to how things can be improved and made more functional and efficient and a "can do" attitude all the problem cupboards were soon re-designed, fitted with inner drawers and working well.

For Brett at Easy Access Kitchens nothing was too much trouble and his standard of workmanship was excellent. One thing my husband really appreciated that he did not suggest anything that was not essential! So I Still have draws with really cheap runners installed by the original builders but as Brett said "Just load them up and use them. If they break only then we will need to replace them". A welcome attitude that really inspired confidence.

Easy Access Kitchens were efficient, helpful, quick, polite and a pleasure to have in the house so I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone who needs help making a kitchen the pleasure to work in that it should be.
Christine Wilks.....Claremont & North Fremantle Apartments, WA. 2010 (I would like to give special thanks to you Christine for your testimonial as you were one of our first inner drawer customers).

Thank You

Easy Access Kitchens would like to thank all of our customers for your testimonials / kind words and word of mouth referrals. It is always a pleasure helping you all to organize your kitchen, pantry, corner cupboard storage and most other storage areas in your homes.

Thank you all again from me personally,
Brett from Easy Access Kitchens - The Inner Drawer Specialist.
Drawers, Inner Drawer, Cabinets, Pull Out Corner Units and More Kitchen Storage Ideas from Easy Access Kitchens.
Internal Drawers Behind the doors are the perfect food and plate storage solution for your pantry and kitchen.
Double door under bench cabinet with four Blum 65kg rated soft close inner drawers supplied and installed by Easy Access Kitchens. $1320 inc GST.
Drawers, Inner Drawer, Cabinets, Pull Out Corner Units and More Kitchen Storage Ideas from Easy Access Kitchens.
Kitchen Drawers? - Pantry Drawers? - Change Doors to Drawers?    0416 067493  Would You Like Some Help To Get Your Kitchen Cabinets & Pantry Organized? Easy Access Kitchens are a Western Australian locally owned and operated kitchen storage company who specialize in pull out pantry drawers and kitchen cabinet inner drawers to give you easy access to you everyday kitchen items and those hard to reach kitchen and pantry cabinets. We can help you organize your kitchen cabinet and pantry storage solutions and provide easy access to those hard to reach areas in your kitchen by installing Blum Inner Drawers giving you the best and safest kitchen inner drawers without the need for full kitchen renovation costs. Kitchen refacing and door to drawer conversions are also available. We can do this by providing Blum kitchen inner/internal drawers, pantry inner drawers and other wire ware kitchen storage solutions which can be retro fitted without changing the look of your existing kitchen. Easy Access Kitchens can save you money and better organize your kitchen access and keep the look of your existing kitchen doors. Ask about our custom made retrofit inner drawers for kitchens and pantry access. Suppliers of Blum Tandembox 65kg rated inner drawers which can be reused at a later date saving money when a full or part kitchen makeover is in your budget or you simply want to change the colors in your kitchen and change your cupboard doors to drawer fronts. Blum 65kg rated pantry inner drawers and kitchen drawers are safe enough to hold all of your plates and other heavy items.We take on the small jobs too at Easy Access Kitchens because one pull out inner drawer or corner storage unit might be all you need to make your kitchen an easy access kitchen. Call Brett on 0416067493.When Brett comes onsite to check measure he will help you to plan your kitchen and pantry storage in affordable stages until we find the best easy access kitchen storage and access solution to suit your accessibility needs and your budget. Pull out pantry drawers are a great idea! Save money on future shopping bills by not buying what you already had in your kitchen cabinets. We can supply and install Internal Drawers, Blum Inner Drawers, Kitchen Storage solutions, Easy access pull out pantry shelves and other pantry storage solutions, Corner Carousel Storage Solutions and Wire ware Storage Solutions to make your everyday items in your kitchen easy to access. Do you find it difficult to reach into your kitchen cabinets. Perth's Kitchen drawer, pantry drawer and inner drawer specialists making your kitchen cabinet and pantry access easier. We can supply and install your new pantry inner drawers, cabinet inner drawers, pull out shelves, pull out corner storage units or simply replace your existing kitchen door and drawer fronts. We can make your kitchen an easy access kitchen with the best kitchen storage solutions and pantry storage solutions to suit kitchen access requirements for everyone who need better access. We only use Blum Inner Drawers to give you safer storage for the kitchen and pantry in your home.
For more images of pantry drawer solutions go to

For more images of kitchen drawer solutions go to
Pantry drawer advertisement foreasy access kitchens Perth
Easy Access Kitchens Pantry Drawers, Kitchen Drawers and Corner Storage Solutions
Easy Access Kitchens Perth supply and install the best pantry drawers and kitchen drawers to make your everyday lives that little bit easier when accessing your kitchen. We only use Blum Inner Drawers with a load rating of 65kg.