Kitchen Door Replacement

Kitchen Door Replacement.

Yes we can change your existing doors to drawer fronts.

Sometimes with the newer kitchens matching colours are still available which makes it possible to also change your existing doors to drawers without the need for a full kitchen renovation. Generaly all of the Laminex and Formica Colours are the easiest to match and most readily available. 
While they are the most recognised laminate brands there are more kitchen colour options available if another brand was used for your kitchen. New Thermolated Vinyl Doors in all door profiles available..

It does cost extra to do this but it is still cheaper than a full kitchen renovation. But sometimes you may require a combination of new doors, drawer fronts and inner drawers. We can help you with any kitchen renovation option that fits your budget and storage needs. For an affordable kitchen Makeover Call Brett: 0416067493.
"What! You want the option to replace your whole kitchen."

It's great that Easy Access Kitchens are the inner drawer specialists who's main focus is to look after our clients who want their kitchen and pantry organised by retro fitting inner drawers and wire ware storage solutions without the disruption or cost of a full kitchen renovation.
But...You might already be at that point when you decide to replace your whole kitchen. A full kitchen renovation option could be just what you need. You might want to remove some walls, patch the ceiling, install new bench tops, the option of all new cabinets with all the kitchen drawers you want. You might want a pull out corner unit, new splash back, new appliance options, electrical, plumbing, etc, etc....A complete kitchen renovation.

Easy Access kitchens, the inner drawer pantry specialists know enough people in the industry to help you complete your kitchen renovation and pantry access within a realistic time frame and within your budget.
kitchen renovation, Pantry Drawers, Inner Drawer, Cabinets, Pull Out Corner Units and More Kitchen Storage Ideas from Easy Access Kitchens. 

Why does Easy Access Kitchens only use Blum TANDEMBOX for all of our Inner Drawers?

Because we can trust Blum not to fail, our inner drawers take the weight and are safe for our customers.  

If you want to learn more about Blum LEGRABOX pure, TANDEMBOX intivo, TANDEMBOX antaro and all other Blum  products available for supply and installation of kitchen inner drawers and pantry inner drawers by Easy Access Kitchens, the inner drawer specialists click here to go to Blum.                        

TANDEMBOX antaro - Clear cut and rectangular all down the line

TANDEMBOX antaro stands for a clear-cut, rectangular design - combined with a gallery or with design elements to create a closed container. All components have been colour coordinated to underline the minimalist drawer and inner drawer design for all cabinets including your pantry.

Advantages at a glance:                                                         
Clear-cut, rectangular concept.
Coordinated colour scheme and minimalist design.
Easy assembly and 3-dimensional front adjustment.
Inner Drawer Colour: Silk white.
Inner pull-out front fixing is made of the same material; the colour of nylon parts matches that of drawer sides.
Installation heights: N, M, B, C and D. Perfect for all pantry access options.
Nominal lengths: 270 - 650 mm.

LEGRABOX pure – Experience Elegance costs 80% more!

A linear and sleek design, combined with high-quality materials, characterises the appearance of LEGRABOX pure. The drawer sides are straight both in the interior and exterior and are impressively slim at just 12.8 mm. All components are perfectly coordinated with one another and form harmonious transitions.

LEGRABOX pure features a completely new colour concept. The option of customer branding is an integrated component of the draw side design. LEGRABOX pure allows for a variety of applications and looks great in any living area, whether used with drawers or inner drawers, high-fronted pull-outs or inner pull-outs.

Advantages at a glance:                                                        
Even higher quality of motion due to the synchronised smooth running action.
High load bearing capacity of 40 kg and 70 kg.
With integrated BLUMOTION, can be combined with SERVO-DRIVE.
Materials and colours: or steel with matt coating in terra black matt, orion grey matt or silk white matt.
Heights: M, K, C and F.
Nominal lengths: 270–600 mm.
Available for cabinet solutions; Inner Drawers, Pantry Drawers, Sink Drawer, SPACE TOWER and Narrow Cabinets.
Compatible AMBIA-LINE inner dividing system.


Tried and tested TANDEMBOX systems enable you to fulfil a wide range of customer requirements, The proven TANDEMBOX line offer two entirely different styles to choose from with TANDEMBOX intivo and TANDEMBOX antaro. All lines have a wide array of applications to suit pantry access and under bench cabinet access, giving you the best choice or combination of standard kitchen drawers (with drawer fronts) and inner drawers (keeping your existing cabinet doors), giving you the best storage solutions for your kitchen.

All programme line have the same TANDEMBOX runner. Unsurpassed running action thanks to the integrated TANDEM technology enhances opening and closing ease. Love your kitchen and pantry inner drawers for life.

TANDEMBOX intivo - Always different, always unique

Costs 50% more than Antivo

TANDEMBOX intivo has a special drawer side which lets you personalise your design. You can either opt for a sleek and classic design with BOXCAP, an add-on in the same material and colour as the drawer side; or pick a design element of your choice attached with a BOXCOVER. Closed and seamless side panels produce a harmonious result. The glass sides make a perfect upgrade for your pantry inner drawers. (Visual Access)

TANDEMBOX intivo has a consistent colour scheme. Drawer side, BOXCOVER, BOXCAP and the front parts of inner pull-outs are all coordinated in terms of colour and material. Pantry Inner Drawers by Intivo.

Advantages at a glance:                                                                   
Multitude of design possibilities.
Balanced proportions and seamless design.
Easy assembly and 3-dimensional front adjustment.

Not just under bench access. Brett built this pull out custom wine rack that can hold 60 full bottles using Blum Tandembox Inner Dawers
Custom Pull Out Wine Rack
Custom 60 Bottle Wine Rack built by Brett at Easy Access Kitchens using Blum Tandembox Inner Drawers and wire ware wine racks. The drawers even got filled. A Fantastic Product.
Easy Access Kitchens can help with part or complete kitchen renovations.
There is a good reason why we only use Blum Softclose Drawer Systems for our inner drawers.
Easy Access Kitchens are a good choice for all of your kitchen and pantry storage solutions.
Tandembox antaro available from the inner drawer specialists, Perth, Western Australia
M Height pull out and inner drawer from blum and easy access kitchens the inner drawer specialists.
TANDEBOM antaro "M" Height Inner Drawer & Pull Out Drawer
LEGRABOX pure inner drawers available from Easy Access Kitchen renovations.
LEGRABOX pure Inner Drawer
Blum Legrabox pure on display at Blum showroom for easy Access kitchens in Osborne Park
Touch and Try LEGRABOX pure at the Blum Showroom. Unit 3, 50 Howe Street, Osborne Park, WA.
Legrabox pure inner drawers supplied and installed by Brett at Easy Access Kitchens.
Tandembox intivo available from the inner drawer specialists.
Access those narrow cabinets with the inner drawers specialists, Wandi, Western Australia.
Easy Access Narrow Pull Out.